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Essential product is here for safe, smoother, and enhanced play. It is for care for both you and your toys.

What do the different products do?

Lubricants are either silicone or water-based that serve different purposes. Silicone doesn’t absorb so it perfect for dry and sensitive tissue or for anal sex and intimacy in water. Water-based is safe for all toys and hypoallergenic while lightweight and long-lasting. Lubricants can be warming, cooling, and have different flavors.

Enhancers are different oils and products to help you and your partner to reach climax. There are creams that give you that warm and tingly feeling, anal relaxing cream/spray allows painless penetration or drops that gets women going and keep men going.

Health & Hygiene promote products for your safety like condoms for both men and females. Cleanliness like douches, antibacterial sprays, menstrual cups, and intimate wipes. Might not be the most exciting category but still important.